Enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature at Owinka Lake Resort…

Lake Fishing

The Bolgoda Lake is a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts. Talk to the helpful staff who will arrange a fishing expedition just for you and prepare your catch of the day based on your preference.

Agriculture Tours

The Owinka Lake Resort arranges special agriculture tours that will enhance your knowledge of Sri Lankan customs and traditions.

Bird Watching

Special bird watching excursions can be arranged by the Resort at your convenience to help you gain insight into the species of birds who consider this waterfront home.

Nature Photography

Enthusiasts of photography need look no further to gain inspiration for their next landscape or nature scene at Owinka Lake Resort.

Boat Riding

We can help you traverse the waters of the Bolgoda Lake to really enjoy peace and picturesque beauty of the lake at your own pace.


Practitioners of Yoga can be one in mind and body at Owinka Lake Resort. The peace and tranquility of the lake will help you find inner peace.

Kayaking, Camping, Bike rides, Jogging and Swimming

For those who want a more active form of recreation, facilities are made available by our helpful staff. Pool facilities are also available for guest who would like to swim.

Lama Gama

A unique play area for children featuring traditional playtime pursuits including a program which helps them find out more about Sri Lankan food and its preparation.


Organic Food

The Owinka Lake Resort proudly employs traditional Sri Lankan agricultural methods to grow its own produce within the Resort premises. The Resort uses its own composting system and boasts a variety of indigenous fruit and vegetables which are grown organically for consumption by guests. Food can be prepared to Eastern and Western tastes based on guests' preference.